All-in-One Spotlights / Floodlights

Multi-purpose commercial lighting with various options

American Models:   SP35WE26 & SP70WE26

European Models:  SP35WE27 & SP70WE27

DUAL-PURPOSE LIGHTING: Our All-In-One Spotlight/Floodlight can be positioned to any angle needed. The ballast and lamp head are connected together as a single unit. It comes with a light reflector in the HID light unit to enable the light to be focused like a spotlight. If you take out the light reflector, it will then defuse the light into a large area, becoming a floodlight.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The HID All-In-One Light can be screwed into a ceiling light socket, and provide excellent lighting as a spotlight or as a floodlight. It can also be attached and installed into the Timbre & Luces String Lighting System.

ATTACHMENTS AND OPTIONS: The HID All-In-One Spotlight/Floodlight unit has attachments that can be used to secure the lighting unit on the floor, ground or ceiling. They can rotate 360 degrees around or move up and down 180 degrees to focus on your object. You can highlight clothes, jewelry or any other products. Farmers can use this light to help make their plants grow big and tall. You can also select color lighting filters to reflect a specific color on a lighted area, such as the side of a building to make the building noticed. You can also shape the color lighting filter with specific designs such as Santa Claus during the Christmas holidays, or words/letters to be shown through the HID All-In-One Spotlight/Floodlight.

AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN MODELS: Our All-in-One Spotlights/Floodlights are manufactured for both American and European markets.



Lamp Head & Ballast Assembly


Lamp Type (Replaceable)

Expected Lamp Lifetime

Lamp Base

Lamp Voltage

Color Rendering Index

Electronic Ballast Type

Light Beam Angle

Housing Material (meets UL 1598)

Glass Size


Heat Resistant Tempered Glass

Dimensions (W x H x D)


Protection Rating

Accessory Parts


Compact Combination All-In-One Unit

High Purity Aluminum

Metal Halide lamp CDM (Ceramic Burner) 39 Watt

Over 12,000 hours


95 Volts

> 94 CRI (3,700 lm/2,900K, 3,500 lm/4,200K)

Cold strike, CE approved

80 degrees

Black Engineering Plastic with Fiber (Polybutylene Terephthalate UL1598, IEC 60598-1). Clear Polycarbonate plastic meets UL94 Flame Resistance Standard

3.3" x 3.3" (85mm x 85mm)

Polycarbonate Ring with Filter Frame Function Replaceable Color Lighting Filters can be used.

Very durable glass that resists heat up to 572° F (300° C). This is the same material used in glass turntable plates in microwave ovens.

4.1" x 4.1" x 12.2" (105mm x 105mm x 310)

1.7 lbs. (750g)

IP44 (weatherproof)

Adjustable Light Fixture Stand, Ceiling Lamp Holder Mounts

Needs UL test, but has followed UL requirements in the construction of the unit.

NOTE: All specifications above are listed at nominal or typical values. Specifications, data and features may change without notice. Product patents are pending.







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