All-In-One Mobile Video Lighting MVL39W

On-location video and still photography lighting powered by battery, DC or AC.

FOR ON-LOCATION JOURNALISTS AND REPORTERS:  Our All-In-One Mobile Video Lighting MVL39W contains the lamp and ballast sections in one compact mountable or hand-holdable unit. These lights are perfect for mobile journalists and news/sports reporters who travel to different locations to get their stories. Their small size and modest weight (only 3.1 lbs.) makes them ideal for on-location video and still photography. Color temperature adjustable to 2900K, 4200K and 5200K. Included barn doors allow you to control the exact amount of light on your subject.

NATURAL ON-LOCATION LIGHTING FOR:  Film makers and animators, video photographers, documentary makers, film studios, photographic school instructors, wedding photographers, campers and naturalists, archaeologists, field and emergency medical doctors, search and rescue teams, airplane and ship repair engineers, coroners, make-up artists, jewelers, high technology equipment repair and maintenance.



Lamp Head & Ballast Type


Lamp Type (Replaceable)

Expected Lamp Lifetime

Lamp Base

Lamp Voltage

Color Temperature/Lumens

Color Rendering Index

Diffuser/Filter Frame

Barn Door


DC Voltage Range

AC Adapters Included

Electronic Ballast Type

Electronic Ballast Hours

Power Consumption

Power Connections

Light Beam Angle

Weight with Cable

Cable Length

Dimensions (Width/Height/Depth)

Glass Size (Width/Height)

Heat Resistant Tempered Glass

Mounting Thread

Operating Temperature Range

Protection Rating

Housing Materials meet UL1598,
IEC 60598-1 Standard

Protection Circuit

Operating Panel

Compact Combination All-In-One Unit

High Purity Aluminum

Metal Halide Lamp CDM (ceramic burner) 39 Watt

~ 12,000 hours


95 Volts

2900K (3700 lm), 4200K (3500 lm), 5200K (3500 lm)

> 94 CRI (~5300 K)

White Diffuser, Color Filters (optional)

2-way (2 leaf)


11–32 Volts DC

100-240 VAC

Hot Strike, IP65, CE Approved

Over 100,000 Hours

41 Watts

DC 2.5 mm, XLR 4-pin (optional)

127 degrees

3.1 lbs. (1.4 kg)

5 feet (1.5 meters)

4.7" x 9" x 9" (120mm x 230mm x 230mm)

6.3" x 3.5" (160mm x 90mm)

Very durable glass that resists heat up to 572° F (300° C). This is the same material used in glass turntable plates in microwave ovens.

1/4 inch

-4° F to +95° F (-20 C to +35° C)

IP44 (Weather Resistant)

Black Engineering Plastic with Fiber (Polybutylene
Terephthalate). Meets UL94 Flame Resistance Standard

Replace Lamp, Over Temp 170° F (110° C), Over Current/Voltage, Under Current/Voltage by
shunted down power

Level Gauge, On/Off Switch, Industrial Grade
(Weather Resistant)

NOTE: All specifications above are listed at nominal or typical values. Specifications, data and features on the mobile video lighting may change without notice. Product patents are pending.

Mobile video lighting unit mounted on tabletop tripod.
Mobile video lighting unit attached to a vertical metal bar.
Mobile video lighting unit attached to a horizontal metal bar.
Mobile video lighting unit mounted on large tripod for outdoor use. Light is plugged into one of our mobile battery power packs.
Mobile video lighting unit shown being hand-held, with optional mobile battery pack on a shoulder strap.
Mobile video lighting unit being recharged on location, plugged into a car's cigarette lighter or power port.


The All-In-One Mobile Video Lighting MVL39W is the only mobile video housing that is totally made from durable PBT plastic (Polybutylene Terephthalate). High-impact, light weight PBT plastic avoids the risk of electrical shocks and does not attract lightning. While other companies use the LED Lamps, the All-In-One Mobile Video Lighting MVL39W uses a HMI lamp (metal-halide gas discharge medium arc-length lamp) which delivers natural sunlight color and has  higher lumen values than LED lights.

COMPACT UNIT: The Mobile Video Lighting MVL39W has a compact lamp and ballast all-in-one unit instead of larger, separate units.

BATTERY, DC OR AC POWERED: The All-In-One Mobile Video Lighting MVL39W can be used with our Mobile Battery Power Pack or can plug into a DC 11 Volt up to a 32 Volt system. You can also plug the MLV39W into an AC outlet using the included universal transfer plug adapter. This makes the unit adaptable for just about any location and power supply.

BATTERY POWER PACK AVAILABLE: We also manufacture 3 portable battery packs designed specifically for the Mobile Video Lighting MVL39W.

LONG LAMP LIFE: The All-In-One Mobile Video Lighting MVL39W will give you over 12,000 hours of continuous use. The HMI lamp can easily be replaced when it is time to get a new bulb.







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