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Timbre & Luces provides exquisitely engineered products for professionals

Timbre & Luces USA LLC specializes in the design and sale of top Class A Integrated Amplifiers, PA Speakers, All-In-One Mobile Video Lighting, Mobile Battery Power Packs, AC to DC Power Supplies and Commercial Lighting. We are a young company with fresh ideas that will appeal to professionals in the fields of amplified sound, lighting and portable power.

Timbre & Luces Professional Pure Class A Amplifiers produce amazing audiophile sound for professional applications.

T&L Professional Amplifier

The Timbre & Luces Pro Amplifier is a Pure Class A High Resolution Stereo Integrated Amplifier system.  The Pro Amplifier INT35W is our top of the line amplifier and has been designed for the professional user of high-fidelity, original sound reproduction.

The Kenwell Home Pure Class A Amplifier is Timbre & Luces' model designed for the home for true audiophile sound.

Kenwell Home Amplifier

The Kenwell Home Stereo Integrated Amplifier Model Int30W is a Pure Class A High Resolution designed for audiophiles and for home theatre systems to achieve the high resolution of natural sound, original sound reproduction when listening to music and watching movies.

Timbre & Luces Mobile Video Lighting units are lightweight, portable, handholdable and can be battery powered for studio or on-location shoots.

Mobile Video Lighting

The All-In-One Compact Video Unit Model MVL39 can be hooked up to an AC, DC or battery power supply which makes the unit adaptable for just about any location and power source.  It uses an HMI lamp (metal-halide gas discharge medium arc-length lamp) which delivers the equivalent spectrum of natural sunlight. Accepts various filters.

Timbre & Luces Mobile Battery Power Packs deliver long lasting power for lights, camcorders, cameras, and even laptops and phones.

Mobile Battery Power Packs

Timbre & Luces has 3 different Mobile Battery Packs. Model, LA20, is a 12 volt/20 AH lead acid multi-use portable battery pack.  Models LF15 and LF20 are both longer life multi-use Lithium Ferrophosphate portable battery packs delivering 14.8 Volts, but your choice of 15 Amps (LF15) or 20 Amp (LF20) hours of power.

Timbre & Luces AC to DC Power Supplies power converters deliver dependable DC power for in-studio lights, camcorders and other power needs.

AC to DC Power Supplies

Our AC to DC Power supply adapters come in two models:  Model PS65W delivers 65 watts of power, while Model PS150W delivers 150 watts of power from AC Outlets. These units cover most AC to DC needs of videographers and sound professionals.

String Lighting System

Timbre and Luces offers a selection of outdoor and indoor residential and commercial string lights. Our String Lights can be used in combination with our spotlight/flood lights to add more flexibility to your lighting design and created atmosphere. String lights are excellent for lighting up large areas for parties and events.

Timbre & Luces String Lighting System comes in American and European standards and is designed to illuminate outdoor and indoor spaces. Timbre & Luces String Lighting System comes in American and European standards and is designed to illuminate outdoor and indoor spaces.
Timbre & Luces Spotlights/Floodlights are designed for commercial and retail use to light small or large areas, to focus on products and areas.


These commercial lights with various options come in American or European models with 35W or 70W. The American Models are: SP35WE26 for a 35W lamp or SP70WE26 for a 70W lamp. The European Models are SP35WE27 for a 35W lamp and SP70WE70 for a 70W lamp.

Timbre & Luces Low Bay Lighting provides broad light dispersal for commercial and retail locations with ceilings of 12-20 feet. Timbre & Luces Low Bay Lighting provides broad light dispersal for commercial and retail locations with ceilings of 12-20 feet.

Low Bay Lighting

Model LB01 is designed for commercial and retail light. It comes in either 70 or 150 watt units designed for ceilings between 12 and 20 feet.

Timbre & Luces company information

Timbre & Luces is an audio, lighting and power products wholesaler, and repair service provider. Our mission is to produce top quality audio, lighting and power supply products that are innovative, practical and serve the needs of our customers. We accomplish this by listening to their needs and desires for high quality equipment. We also offer personally customized products to those professionals who have unique and specific needs.

Our staff have many years of experience in international trading, export/import, merchandising and retail practical working knowledge. Our design team members all have strong backgrounds in mechanics, chemistry, optics, electronics, thermodynamics, mold design, object structure, sound and light science.  Close collaboration with our clients allows us myriad design possibilities and ensures the products are highly suitable for professional usage in both commercial and in-home environments.

Chief product designer, Tony Chou

Timbre & Luces product designer, Tony Chou, has excellent training and years of experience in the design and construction of high-end electronic products using the latest technology available.  He has developed and tested electronic circuit products over 20 years.

During the 1980’s, Tony was a Repair and Testing Technician for ROSS Audio OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), an American company located in Taiwan. While there, he performed testing, trouble shooting and repair of audio amplifiers, audio mixers, audio band graphic equalizers and guitar distortion pedal units.

In 1989, Tony designed the Kenwell Inverter which, at that time, employed newly advanced technology that used a larger current and had a higher speed rectifier circuit in comparison to other inverters produced at that time.

As a Technician in the 1990’s, Tony had gained much electronic experience by working as the Senior Testing Analyst at AT&T’s Communications Switching System Asia-Pacific Repair Center in Taiwan for 9 years. While there, he tested and analyzed the communication equipment, the No. 5 Electrical Switching System (5ESS) and the Mobile Phone Station at this AT&T Repair Center.

Recently Tony incorporated state-of-the-art elecrtonics technology in our newest stereo integrated Class A MOSFET amplifiers. These two new amps (the T&L Pro Amp and the Kenwell Home Amp) both use Schottky Barrier Diodes and produce dramatically clearer, more powerful sound with much lower noise and distortion than many of today's professional-level audiophile amplifiers.

Guarantee/Warranty/Support Info

Each product comes with its own warranty terms for each non-consumable item.  Please check out the manual and warranty card which will be included in your product box package.

REPAIRS: Please contact our Sales Department to obtain a “repair number” for the item you are want to get repaired. Be sure to include your phone number, contact information and the details of the problem with your unit, and attach a product photo if possible, then send to our email address When received, one of our sales team members will call you back within 24 hours. Send your product in its original security packaging, along with the warranty card and the provided “repair number”. Otherwise, your delivery will be returned.

As these are all custom hand-made items, there are no cancellations, exchanges or refunds accepted. There is no warranty for consumable items. Be sure you are aware of this before you decide to purchase any of our products. Please feel free to contact us for further information on our products.


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